Tick tock – Tick tock

The movie ‘In time’ depicts a future where time is currency and the time you have left to live is displayed on your wrist with a backward digital countdown.
I wonder if we all knew exactly how much time we had to live and we could see that time slip away minute by minute, second by second – would we live any differently? 
Would we be paralyzed by fear seeing each intangible second slip away or would it serve to shake us out of our lethargy and start to live a lot more? 
We all know we aren’t immortal. We all know that there is a a definite time we will die. But it is all so vague and hazy and indefinite that we always believe we have many good years left in us. We have our cliched supporting lines – ‘Only the good die young’. 
But what if that truck is going to hit you tomorrow in a freak accident? Or the doctor is going to diagnose you with cancer on your next routine check up? Or you just don’t get up from bed one morning? 
Most people who face death never saw it coming. 
I suppose we should use our imagination and imagine that clock on our wrists. Imagine it ticking and imagine the time slipping away. 
For some of us it may be the only way to get out of bed to see a glorious sunrise after a dank rainy night. Or to hold someone’s warm hand and watch fireflies glow in the dark. Or have a sparring contest that ends with a pillow fight. 
Believe it or not I think when we do things like that – the countdown slows. Perceptibly.