Sorry? I think not.

If I could change one word of the english language I would change the much used and abused word “Sorry”. I think the spelling and the pronunciation is too easy. For a word which is so meant to be so profound – it doesn’t take much of an effort to say. Maybe thats why it is floated around nonchalantly and quite without the accompanying remorse. 
I almost was the recipient of a big blob of pan stained saliva yesterday when I was walking past a car. Before I could even turn and voice my disapproval pat came the response ‘Sorry’ and the car sped away. Potentially uncomfortable discussion/argument ended before it even began. Evaluation – of whether sorry is enough to cover up for poor civic sense (and a multitude of other sins)and the fact that this isn’t going to be the last time  – is not necessary. As long as there is the easy way – sorry – let uskeep spitting around. 
So my solution is – make sorry difficult to say. Childish? Maybe but lets just go with it. I would probably call it ‘charizomaipardonnerkshammasamahai’ or something even more complicated. If it takes a little more effort to voice your repentance – maybe just maybe it will help you take your crime a little more seriously.