Weighty Issues

You know how everyone is always talking about weight these days? I don’t get it. 

It is like the English fixation with the weather. And talking about each other’s weight is exactly like talking about the weather. Inane conversation which is neither riveting  nor utilitarian. 

You meet an old friend and she’d say something like ” hello…long time no see…you’ve lost even more weight or you have put on weight”. And I will say – “yes… and you too…” Most days you do not even have to apply half a brain to carry on such conversations. 
In a world with rising global warming, overflowing sewers, crippling unemployment, blatant prostitution and pragmatic poverty – we talk about weight. 
In a world with innumerable colors, soul stirring music, ancient heritage buildings, space travel and rainbows – we behold weight. 
Come on people – we can make more interesting conversation than this.