Questioners and Questionees

The world is divided into the Questioners and the Questionees.( I know..I know…I made those words up)
 There is always that one person in every group….in every long flight….in every late night party…in every kirana ka dukaan….who is alway subjecting everyone else to questions. 
When are you going to find a job?
When are you going to get married?
When are you going to lose weight?
When are you going to do something about that grey hair?
Why don’t you have any brothers?
When you going to have children?
And those of us who unfortunately fall into that other category spend most of our lives answering, ignoring, lying, or warding off these little queries. Of course the questioners are persistent, curious, insistent and all best of all – all questions are always followed by a little priceless nugget of wisdom. 
The funny part is a lot of immigration goes on too. People from group two suddenly migrate into group 1. The change occurs with such subtlety that many a times no one notices – not even the person who has changed. 
All of a sudden that woman who hated everybody who kept asking her when is she going to get married, starts poking her spinster cousin with the same question. That man who loses 10 kgs after hating the guts of every person who brought the issue up, suddenly wants to know why the whole world is NOT getting thinner. And that couple who had an unplanned baby want to know why isn’t everybody impregnating each other with equal alacrity. 
Questionee that I am – I always find it funny that most of my kind are always on the back foot. Always playing defensive. In fact this answering questions thing – can be a very amusing pass time. 
For example answer people who ask you – why are you so thin ? with – ” Oh thank you for reminding me. I forgot today is friday. It is the only day of the week I eat”
And when are you going to have children with “when they learn to wash their own bums.”
It is easy when you begin to take the world less seriously.

Let the questions roll.