The Loss of The Great Love Story

Love story

If I had to pin point one of the greatest tragedies of the modern era it would be the ‘Loss of the Great Love story.’

The only love stories left are mediocre ones told inanely through Facebook pictures of heart shaped birthday cakes and declarations of love on 1st, 4th, 7th and 9th anniversaries which are written about like they are golden jubilees ( With the high divorce rates – maybe they are the new golden jubilees)

The Romeo Juliets and Devdas Paros and the Layla Majnus are languishing as footnotes in history or worse still – exploited by hollywood and bollywood directors like exhausted whores well past their prime. When in doubt and lacking a new script – rehash the greats. The Keira Knightley/ Matthew Macfayden cringeworthy ‘Pride and Prejudice’ being a case in point.

The era of the undying love through the decades has had its time in the sun and now lies shriveled up in a corner biding its time to be swept into the trash can.

The love so palpable in the writings of the great poets creates a mild unrest in the minds of the artistically inclined but other than that it touches no one profoundly. In fact it almost strikes a discordant chord with the general public who would laugh at a person suffering in the throes of a love so great that it would be impossible to think of much else. A loser. Yes thats the term flung about nonchalantly.

Ever so once in a while we have a man withdraw himself from the world or a woman drowning herself over a failed love affair. And the general opinion is – ahhh what a waste.

In a world where everything can be bought and sold and exchanged and corrected and achieved and altered-

Unrequited love is a rarity.

And unrequited love that holds steadfast for a generation is an aberration of epic proportions.

We shouldn’t blame Chetan Bhagat for writing designer toilet roll literature – He has no subjects – to base his love stories on.

How do you write an immortal line like “If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger” when all the world is poking each other for candy crush lives?


Love at First Sight?


So. Love at first sight. 
Now there’s a concept that drives me crazy. 
How is it possible?
Lust yes. 
Attraction yes. 
Dislike yes. 
But Love? 
Saying you fell in love at first sight is to me – like saying you painted a masterpiece in one stroke. 
Like you understood the entire plot by looking at the cover of a book. 
Like you felt the wonder of the Pyramids by looking at a picture postcard.
Love – that feeling that inspired half crazed poets to write volumes, that struggling writers spent lifetimes attempting to elaborate, that reclusive painters dedicated months trying to capture on canvas, that ordinary people live for and often die for – all felt in one fickle instant ? 
A love based on what?
The flick of a strand of her hair ?
His dancing flair?
The sway of her hips?
The smile on his lips? 
A voice so shy?
The glint in his eye?
And if Love can truly be felt in that one instant then – 
Wouldn’t a love built on a moment be prone to being lost in a moment too?
Just saying.