Sometimes, Somedays

I wonder

If the darkness

would be kinder

than the raw callousness

of illumination

Would it be more forgiving

than the sanctimonious light?

More tolerant ?

Would it conceal my flaws

with a cloak

of anonymity

ensuring that whatever

breaks through

the seemingly impenetrable

impious blackness

always seems heartbreakingly


and paradoxically



Take Me Home


Take me home.

Where pieces of me recognize each other

as part of a whole.

A place where I don’t feel like an alien

to myself

A dismembered body doing and saying

things I do not recognize

or condone.

A Fisherman’s Song


Perhaps fortune shall toss me a smile

As I cast my humble net

And be it such that I wait a while

But catch a shadowy silhouette

That shimmers around trapped in cord

While my hands attempt to grope

The being that has been sadly shored

And lost all will or hope

But bring the same for me today

As I ask pardon for my sin

To kill the ravenous beast at bay

That feeds upon my kin

A Dream

I knew Zoe for exactly 75 days.

And loved her every single one of those.

It does not matter if she was a person or an animal.

At some point in our lives we have all loved without reason and without logic and without limits.

Because some beings bring more joy into our lives in the briefest of moments than others do in entire lifetimes.

I think I conjured you up in a dream

For what else could be construed of so brief an encounter.

Like fireworks in the starless night sky

You shone brightest.


And disappeared without warning.

Like you tired of my neediness.

And constant scrutiny.

And pallid ordinariness.

When I awoke the only evidence of your having been at all

Were my hands

Charred where I wouldn’t let go of you.

It must have been a dream.

Luminous and Beautiful.

But Cruel.

Much too cruel.