The 4 week Test

What is it about something new that is so thrilling and electrifying? And what is it about new that makes us disloyal to everything old? 
After an hour at the mall – all those new clothes that you maxed out your credit card for are going to make you ignore all your old clothes for a week. These feel brighter, softer, smarter. Or the new phone you set your heart on makes you hate the old one. The new one has a faster interface. It has more features. It has a better feel. 
You have a perfectly good long term girlfriend and then one day a new woman pirouettes into your life and suddenly the whole world takes on a new shine.
Everything she says is funnier…everything she does is far more interesting….everything she wears is more flattering …..
The probable truth is that it/he/she is just NEW. 
Everything they do/say is so much better BECAUSE they  are new. 
Like the new smartphone. Or the pair of new running shoes you bought. The old ones are equally good perhaps but for all of 4 weeks the new gadget or shoes or girl or clothes makes you feel like they are better. So much better.
Eventually you find the smartphone hangs as much as your old one. The shoes develop wear marks much in the same places. And the new girl has irrational mood swings much like the old girlfriend, maybe worse. 
And after three washes – you can’t tell the new clothes from the old ones. 
So maybe before we jump to the conclusion that everything new is much better – just wait out those 4 weeks or months. By the end of it perhaps – you will be in your old comfy pjs calling your old girlfriend from your old phone.