Non Smilers


You are walking on the road and this little dog is rolling around and doing some goofy stuff and it makes you smile. So you smile and you look around and there are a couple of others who are seeing the same thing and you make eye contact and you are still smiling. Chances are that someone is going to return that smile even though you are two strangers. There is a funny moment you both shared. And also the fact that you can’t resist a full blown smile directed at you. Right? Well apparently…. wrong. Because there are always some people who can resist it. 
You are introduced to someone and you flash them your warmest smile and all you get in return is a limp handshake accompanied by a sad little smirk. Why? 
A really happy sales girl will walk up to you and chirpily ask ‘How may I help you? This top looks wonderful on you’ all the while giving you her biggest brightest smile. How can you resist smiling back even if she is just doing her job? 
But everyday there are people walking around – NOT smiling. Oh they laugh and joke in their houses alright. But smile at a stranger? Nope. No can do. 
Is it a protective reflex? 
Is it just being reserved?
Is it their inherent sulky nature?
I don’t know. But I plan on keeping on smiling and finding others who are willing to smile along. Reason or no reason. 


We all have that one great love of our life! The one person that makes us look starry eyed and goofy. With whom our days begin and nights end. And with whom all that Yash Chopra movie nonsense seems relevant.
And yet – is life all about that ONE love? Your soulmate ? I think – probably not. 
I’d say that it probably is one fixed point around which lives may revolve but there is more. 
Life is interesting because of what I like to call – MINI-LOVES
Mini-loves could be anything. It may include a mouth watering dollop of ‘tender coconut’ ice-cream on a warm sunny day. A handsome stranger at the local supermarket who smiles at you. An hour of trying out clothes in front of those flattering changing room mirrors in malls. A funky new gadget. A hot cuppa with a friend. A friend of a friend who compliments you at a party. An episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Desperate housewives’. 
When mini-loves disappear or die – they don’t leave a hole in your life. They don’t send you to the black abysses of depression. You may miss them a bit – or not at all. But they don’t alter you. While they exist – they color you, change you, fulfill you, entertain you, rescue you. But nothing permanent. Mini-loves don’t expect anything in return. 
And thats why Mini-loves are so important. 
The love of your life may make your world stand still in a heart-stopping-warm-fuzzy-feeling-kind-of-way. 
But the Mini-loves make the world go round. And the more mini-loves you have – the faster the world spins 🙂