The Best kinda Friendships

Remember when we were running around in pigtails chasing butterflies (sometimes imaginary ones)?
Friendships were made and broken over toys.
Over ice creams.
Over a game of cricket or badminton.
Over a camping trip.
It didn’t take two minutes to forge a good friendship. It didn’t take one to end a bad one. 
Uncomplicated. The only word that perfectly summarizes a friendship at that age. 
Friendships shouldn’t be more difficult than this and yet they are. Annoyingly so. Once you are past a certain age new friendships are as difficult to spot as shooting stars. As convoluted as spiders webs. As labyrinthine as a ‘Harry Potter’ maze. 
We now have to think gender and think age and think social status. We think time and convenience. We think spouse compatibility and children friendly. We think hidden agendas and less than honorable intentions. We think tacky wardrobe and language. Worst of all – we think what ‘other’ people will think. 
When you were a kid and you met a wacky guy with a runny nose,a few years older or younger with a mouth that shoots off the stupidest things – you would still not hesitate to be friends as long as he played with you in the sand pit. You would probably pick up a bit of that wackiness and be proud to flaunt it. 
If you sat beside a girl in class with greasy hair and scruffy clothes and a dad that hated your dad’s guts – you would still be friends with her as long as she played paper ‘chor police’ with you while the teacher isn’t looking. You probably will start wearing your hair in the same lopsided way she does and think it rather cool.
It doesn’t matter if these friendships last a lifetime or just through the summer…. They are a remember-fondly-and-feel-good-forever kind of thing. 
As kids we communicated right through all those barriers of language and money and superficialities.
Better still – we knew how to cut through all the garbage and talk straight. 
Best of all – we knew which friendships were worth getting a whipping over and which not to drag on like a dead horse. 
Cheers to kiddie friendships. Always the best kind.