Child One. Adult Zero.

My almost 4 year old niece stood staring at her reflection in the mirror, examining herself from every possible angle, concentration etched all over her little face.

I waited for a while watching her intently and then couldn’t contain myself any longer and asked – What are you looking at ?

She says – I looking at how I look.

So I asked again – How do you look ?

I expected one or the other version of the following – pretty, cute, beautiful, ugly, fair, dark, fat, thin, nice, etc etc etc

She answered and I quote –  “I look Happy”.

Enough Said.


A New Breed of Men – Part I


There is this whole new breed of men in parlors.

Not the ones that sit getting their eyebrows plucked and backs waxed. I just plain refuse to write about them.

This is about the breed that takes “standing beside your woman through thick and thin” to an all new level.

Go to any high end beauty salon. Take a discreet seat, pretend to bury your nose in a magazine and keeps your eyes peeled for this incredible species.

A pair will walk in. Guy first – always.

Walk to the counter and ask about an appointment – THE GUY HAS MADE FOR THE WOMAN.

Usher the woman into a chair and then stand beside her as she sheds hair, skin and peace of mind.

What makes this scene even more spectacular is the constant pointing by seemingly concerned man to stray hair which have escaped the beautician’s notice. So you have the man jabbing at the poor girl eyes, lips and chin and what-not in an effort to make sure that when she barely (no pun intended) stands up from that chair – she truly resembles as well as feels like a plucked chicken.

This species of man invariably will be one of two extremes.

Either he resembles a plucked chicken himself with skinny jeans, some kind of painful looking jewelry and a feminine gait.

Or he will be one of those overtly hairy, incredibly shabby specimens who can only be identified as human by virtue of speech and no other.

The first kind,I presume, is ensuring that the woman should go through the same degrees of pain that he went through to ensure he looks sufficiently womanly. Sorry ladylike. Sorry – masculine. Yes yes…. masculine.  In a feminine kind of way.

The second kind is still a matter of controversy. One theory is that opposites attract. Hence the the barely human kind of male is attempting to convert the woman to the other extreme in order to continue his attraction.

Theories are invited.

But till we solve the mystery – enjoy the spectacle.