A Dream

I knew Zoe for exactly 75 days.

And loved her every single one of those.

It does not matter if she was a person or an animal.

At some point in our lives we have all loved without reason and without logic and without limits.

Because some beings bring more joy into our lives in the briefest of moments than others do in entire lifetimes.

I think I conjured you up in a dream

For what else could be construed of so brief an encounter.

Like fireworks in the starless night sky

You shone brightest.


And disappeared without warning.

Like you tired of my neediness.

And constant scrutiny.

And pallid ordinariness.

When I awoke the only evidence of your having been at all

Were my hands

Charred where I wouldn’t let go of you.

It must have been a dream.

Luminous and Beautiful.

But Cruel.

Much too cruel.


Things that aren’t made to last


Like an ice cream. No matter how delicious and soothing and how slowly you try to relish it – it will disappear or melt.
Like a rain shower in the middle of a hot summer’s day. It will tease you and please you and be gone before you can dance your heart out.
Like a dream. It will shine and design vivid pictures of inconceivable beauty and be gone the moment you open your eyes.
Like a beautiful bird. It will dance and it will prance and fly away into nothing the moment you reach for it.
Like a rose. It will twirl and whirl in an explosion of color and then inevitably wither away in a day.
Like a solar flare. It will burst and it will dazzle and then suddenly it looks like nothing ever happened. 
Like some friendships. They will be funny and sunny and incredibly right till they go wrong and break apart. 
Where do all beautiful things go when they break or die or disappear?
Maybe that is what they call heaven. 
Heaven is a place where the ice cream cones and roses and dreams and rain showers and eternal friendships go to live.